Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does Ockham Corp Provide?

Ockham Corp focuses on four practice areas based on our collective 100+ years of professional experience in strategy, operations, marketing and general management roles at major technology companies. Our four practice areas are:

  • Digital Accessibility for Competitive Advantage
  • Product and Business Strategy
  • Global Security and Privacy
  • Cloud Service Provider Selection

Across all four practice areas we seek in every client engagement to deliver the simplest possible recommendation that will meet essential requirements such as regulatory compliance and cost constraints, while also increasing customer and employee engagement, and long-term business viability.

What Is Unique About Ockham's Approach To Developing Solutions For Our Company's Challenges?

Drawing on our professional experience we develop solutions that lead to successful deployments.  We analyze, plan and develop the ideal solution – which we believe will be the simplest solution – for our clients using three vectors.  The first vector is developing a deep understanding of the current challenge including a realistic assessment of the client’s situation, building a set of options, and narrowing the options with the client to ensure that the pinpointed strategy will succeed.  The second vector is building a deployment plan focusing on processes, people, and phases of deployment. The third vector is developing key success metrics, by deployment phase, and the governance model.  We maintain check points with clients through deployment to ensure flexibility and success.

Can You Help My Organization Achieve Compliance With Privacy, Security, And Accessibility Standards?

Yes! We’ll develop the right plan to achieve compliance.  The deployment of the plan will be done with your development and deployment partners.  We will work with you as a part of the governance plan to enable compliance certification.

What Are Your Credentials?

Ockham’s team passion is building solutions that work for a variety of clients in a variety of industries.  The team has successfully built businesses in a variety of industries with expertise in Strategy, Operations, Marketing, and Technology.  The team collectively has over 100 years of experience working for companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Deloitte, and IBM.  We have credentialed experts in Security, Privacy, and Accessibility.

Can I Outsource The Development And Deployment To You Based On Your Deployment Plans?

We have vetted partners who can provide technical development and deployment services, at scale.  We can work closely in a three-way partnership with our Development and Deployment partners and you to ensure quick, successful deployment.  Alternatively, we can work with your outsourced partner to drive the development and deployment of the solution.

Who Are Your Partners?

Our carefully selected roster of partners covers Accessibility, Security, Privacy, SaaS cloud, and low code solution deployments.  These partners have proven success in deploying the solutions internationally with resources in the US, Europe, and Asia.  These partners will work directly with your teams on the deployments with a governance plan to ensure success.  Our partners can be found here.

Where Are You Based?

Ockham Corp is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Our team is also in Seattle, WA and Boston, MA.

How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us through this form or by email – [email protected]